St. Pirans Day….

St. Pirans Day. A great event that I hope keeps getting bigger and bigger!


Rachel’s Birthday Wish

                                                                                                               I  don’t ask people to donate to things very often but this tugged at my heart strings. Please find it in your heart(and wallet) to donate 9 dollars(or more) to Rachel’s cause. For more info: http://www.mycharitywater.org/p/campaign?campaign_id=16396


Draft Horse Classic

Draft Horse Classic 2011, September 22-25, Nevada County Fairgrounds, Grass Valley, CA

The Draft Horse Classic has always been one of those “Why” events for me..kind of  like the rediculous Mardi Gras Celebration in Nevada City. This area wasn’t known for its logging although we did have a couple of big companies in town. And, I doubt, they used draft horses. But anyway, I am sure you can get some great “fair” food and make a day of it. For tickets and more info: http://www.nevadacountyfair.com/dhc/

If  there was ever an exciting mountain bike race, this is it! The Downieville Classic has become a “must ride” for mountain bike racers in the western U.S. Great music, food and beer. A fun time to be had. July 8th-10th.

For more info: http://www.downievilleclassic.com/index.html

For those of you who love beer (or even just like it a little) I highly recommend The Sierra Brewfest. Lots of fun and get to sample a lot of different beers and find some you like so you don’t have to waste money buying a whole six-pack of a beer you didn’t like after the first one.